High Fiber Mini-Muffins

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Our High Fiber Mini-Muffins recipe is gluten free and made with our almond butter!

During this past decade in the world of nutrition and healthy eating, sugar has been singled out as a unique villain. We’ve learned through research how damaging to our bodies a diet high in processed sugar can be. Many families have embraced the challenge to reduce white sugar consumption in their households. Sadly, many have failed to make any real or significant progress. Often, this can be attributed to lack of education and the right tools for adaptation to a lower sugar lifestyle. There are many ways to work on achieving the goal of lowering your family’s sugar intake. One of the first steps is to simply substitute the white sugar you routinely use in recipes with other sweetening sources that are less hazardous to your health.

This brings us to the star ingredient in our High Fiber Mini-Muffins recipe today: Medjool dates. These extremely sweet dried fruits are packed with sugar and also with nutrients such as fiber, protein, potassium, and magnesium. Dates are a phenomenal trick ingredient for sweetening your baked goods, smoothies, puddings, and many other treats. They add to the nutrient value of your final product—unlike white sugar.

When it comes to Once Again Almond Butter, there is only one ingredient, almonds. Almonds are so very naturally sweet. In a baking recipe though, combining them with dates can enhance their flavor to create deliciously nutrient-rich results.

Also, we’ve shared before the importance of fiber here. Fiber continues to be a nutrient most Americans struggle to meet in terms of their daily requirements. We’re on a mission to help solve this problem with fiber-rich treats that can be enjoyed by the entire family any time of the day! The recipe below meets that goal. It is a combination of all fiber containing ingredients including dates, Once Again Almond Butter, bananas, flax meal, and oat flour—a winning combination in taste and fiber that we are sure you’ll enjoy. These mini-muffins are perfect for freezing and enjoying for many days, as they harmonize beautifully with your busy schedule. Let us know what you think about this recipe in the comments section below.

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