Trail Mix Cookies

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Have you noticed the growth in variety of ready- to- eat trail mixes that have become available for purchase over the last few years? Trail mix, at least to the best of our knowledge, constitutes a mixture of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits in a sealed container for easy transportation. It is to be consumed on the go, particularly while hiking. Hence the word “trail” is included in the recipe’s title. The concept is genius; in practice, there are flaws we need to address. Our ideal solution was to remediate the errors by transforming ordinary trail mix into Trail Mix Cookies.

First, let’s look into why trail mixes have gained such popularity. Nuts and seeds are efficient in delivering nutrient- rich calories with a balanced proportion of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein. Adding dried fruits enhances the nutrient content while satisfying a popular “sweet and salty” taste preference widely desired by many by many. While enjoying nature on a stroll through the woods, it is important to be prepared with snacks on hand. Walking and/or hiking can be demanding! There is only one problem with trail mix: how to eat it safely and efficiently. The packaging and nutritional content must be well thought out. However, to consume it, nibblers must pour the contents into their hands and toss it into their mouths. Now let’s consider those hands—hands which have aided during their hike by holding on to tree branches, pushing leaves out of the way, wiping up sweat and at times, curiously may be picking up what could be scat! So then, dirty hands plunge into bags of food, leaving behind a sticky and salty mess, without a proper way to clean what is left over. It’s just not sanitary! Trail Mix Cookies are much better suited for the job. It is easier to avoid food contamination and keep your hands clean because the cookies are much neater fare. They are equally nutrient-rich when prepared with remarkably similar ingredients and easily packed for on-the-go events.

Below you will find a fail-proof recipe for Trail Mix Cookies. Feel invited to swap in your favorite trail mix ingredients to make this recipe your own. We would love to hear your ideas, so please share them in the comments’ space below the recipe. (When hiking, it is also good to bring along some anti-bacterial hand-wipes, which are commonly available.)

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