Rosemary Biscuits

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Can you make rosemary biscuits with tahini?

Today’s recipe is for rosemary biscuits made with our tahini; it is an easy recipe using coconut oil and sour cream instead of heavy cream. Interestingly, we engaged in a bit of discussion before we committed to calling this baked delight a “biscuit”.

Well then, what is a biscuit?

In the United States, biscuits are round-shaped breads with a dry, firm exterior, and a flaky, soft interior. They are bread-like baked goods made with baking powder instead of yeast. In many countries in Europe, the word biscuit describes what we recognize as tea cookies.

Following the assumption that the same word may contain diverse definitions depending upon who is speaking and where they are from, we took the liberty of adding the word “biscuit” to this recipe’s title.

The recipe itself is a savory version of previously shared scones recipes using our peanut butter or almond butter, as seen here in this recipe for Maple Almond Scones.

Now you may be wondering how to use tahini in a recipe?

The texture of the scone recipes created using our other varieties of nut butter have proved phenomenal. The light, dry crust on the outside, with a delicate balanced, soft inside, shines through. Our organic tahini paste shares similar attributes with our sunflower seed butter since they are both seed pastes. It contains a fair amount of healthy fat, which takes a pivotal role in these baked goods by yielding a flaky, buttery texture. Tahini functions as an emulsifying agent when combined with flour. The sour cream and egg also aid in the task while providing moisture. The results speak for themselves, yielding a nice balance of full flavor without compromising a healthier way of eating.

We recommend pairing these Rosemary Biscuits with either a carrot and ginger soup on a winter day, or slice one in the middle and fill it with a soft-boiled egg and cheese for a delightful breakfast sandwich. Whatever way you choose to enjoy them, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments’ section below!


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