Maple Almond Scones

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Unsure if you can make your own scones at home? Our easy to follow simple recipe for a delicious homemade Maple Almond Scone will change your mind. These delectable treats of English Irish origin have become an American favorite to accompany tea and coffee. Originally made plain to be enjoyed with jam or preserves, they now exist in a multitude of flavors.

Scones are light, with a biscuit–like texture, and they are only slightly sweetened. The traditional recipe includes flour, milk, sugar, butter, and eggs. Our recipe has slight modifications to make the process fail-proof while adding a gourmet touch with our Once Again Maple Almond Butter. You can choose to use either oat flour or all-purpose flour— both choices work well in this recipe. The addition of the Greek yogurt adds a creamy texture and allows us to use just one egg. Moreover, instead of traditional butter, we used coconut oil.

maple almond scones

Coconut oil when stored at room temperature should be solid (at a temperature of approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit). It is easier to cut the coconut oil into the flour and sugar mixture using it this way. While using a pastry cutter (or two forks work), cut the coconut oil into the mixture until you have the consistency of wet sand. The mixture clumps together when you pick it up but easily falls apart like sand. This is the trickier part of this Maple Almond Scones recipe. From here, just add the other ingredients and mix. The dough is easy to work with and only requires mixing until it comes together. Place flour on a surface to work the dough into a round shape and cut into triangles for baking.

It should only take fifteen minutes in the oven to bake. They will be slightly crumbly but soft inside. Let them cool completely before enjoying with a cup of tea or java! For an added gourmet touch, drizzle them with our White Chocolate Hazelnut Butter while they are slightly warm.

It really is much easier to make homemade scones than you probably imagine.

And as for a bonus–, no unusual ingredients are needed. You likely have everything you need to make them today; for more luscious experimentation, feel free to use any of our nut or seed butters instead of our Maple Almond Butter. They all work extremely well!


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  • Rhonda

    Thank you for posting this recipe in such detail. I was looking up whether nut butter could substitute for butter in scones because I have a new jar of almond butter and wanted to try. I must say I appreciate your details and tips. I have 2 scone cookbooks and neither gave me this info on technique. Thank you! If I find that I didn’t buy your brand I’ll make sure to at least once in the future for your help!

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