Keto Bread

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Is it even possible to create a Keto bread recipe? We have created a Keto Cashew Bread! Keto diets are characterized by minimal carbohydrate intake. Those following this diet pattern have accepted a life without bread and definitely without cake. The keto diet is an extremely restrictive way of eating, and we highly recommend consulting with your dietitian and primary care physician to find out if its adequate to meet your personal goals.

Our nut and seed butters are all keto-friendly since they are low in carbohydrates, high in plant-sourced protein and high in healthy fats.

Moreover, our cashew butters have no added sugar. Due to the nature of cashews, once milled they require added oil to enhance spread-ability. The only added ingredients are safflower and sunflower oils, both acceptable ingredients in the keto diet lifestyle. A two-tablespoon serving size of cashew butter, there are just two grams of naturally occurring sugar. The high fat content of cashew butter combined with low sugar profile fit into the keto diet lifestyle perfectly. Cashew butter is a commonly used ingredient in keto-friendly baked goods including muffins and cookies. It works well in salad dressings, sauces, dips, and as a thickening ingredient for soups, and flourless baked goods. Cashew butter also has a mild flavor that contributes to its versatility.

Cashew butter makes a perfect bread when combined with just eggs. That sounds a bit like magic, and it will taste like it too when you take your first bite. The bread rises nicely in the oven and produces a spongy and fluffy bread. The mild flavor makes this bread a good choice for sandwiches. The optional chocolate chips add a hint of sweetness to transform this loaf into a sweet bread well-suited for a cup of tea in the afternoon.

If you are looking for other keto friendly recipes, check out our Avocado Almond Mousse. Also, don’t forget to try our Blanched Almond Butters, a new keto-friendly product in our store.



  • Raina

    DO NOT MAKE!!! Way too much baking soda. Very disappointed 😞

  • Resona

    I made this to recipe and it was way to salty all I tasted was the baking soda

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