Cashew Lemon Shortbread Cookie

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Once Again pulled off another surprise for nut butter lovers! The introduction of our brand new Organic Creamy Cashew Butter with Lemon. Who knew the tartness of lemon would enhance the natural sweetness of cashews so delightfully in this creamy butter? When a flavor is this fantastic, a recipe to feature it should involve as little ingredients as possible. This Cashew Lemon Shortbread Cookie has only three ingredients aside from our new cashew butter.

The recipe relies on the scrumptious flavor of cashew butter with lemon enhanced by just one quarter cup of coconut sugar. This yields a lightly sweet and tart shortbread cookie. Increasing the sugar up to one half cup still works for this recipe too if you prefer a sweeter cookie. Although we have not tried the non-vegan option yet, technically you could swap the flax egg for a chicken’s. If you experiment with this, share your results in the comments section please.

Our Cashew Lemon Shortbread Cookie recipe is reason enough to try our new cashew butter. In addition, it is an appetizing dip for cut up fruits. It also works as a spread on toast, to drizzle over pancakes or as topping for ice cream. The ingredients are dry roasted organically grown cashews, organic sunflower oil, organic sugar, and organic lemon powder. The nutrition facts on this jar will look the same as our conventional cashew butter. There is no compromise on the simplicity we choose to keep for our ingredient list. Additionally, there are no added sugars or preservatives. It comes in a twelve-ounce jar, and we recommend trying it by the spoonful to taste the pure cashew and lemon flavors before using it as a recipe ingredient.

A note about our Cashew Lemon Shortbread Cookie recipe. When placing the cookies on the sheet to bake, press them with a fork to flatten; the more you flatten them, the crispier and flakier they bake. If you choose to roll them into balls and slightly press them, they will have a crispier shell with a softer cookie on the inside. Both ways are magnificent, it’s your choice!

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