High Protein Maple Almond Muffins

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

There is an increased search for high protein recipes trending due to the popularity of high protein diets. Although we will not deep dive into these diets today, we will talk about the usefulness of high protein muffins— regardless of your diet choice. These high protein maple almond muffins are a practical recipe that freeze well. The recipe can be made in larger batches and stored. It has only six ingredients and one of them is not flour.

Are high protein muffins a natural part of a healthy diet?

As mentioned, whichever pattern you have chosen to dictate your food choices, high protein recipes can have an impactful spot on your menu. Their higher protein content allows you to fulfill all three major macronutrient needs in a balanced way.

We all know that it is hard to resist pre-packaged snacks. Their attractiveness is their grab-and-go ease and ready-to-eat availability. A high protein almond muffins recipe mimics those attributes while allowing you to avoid preservative-filled, over- processed foods.

They are a suitable option for breakfast, snack time, and dessert. The high protein content is a result of combining powerful plant-sourced proteins found in beans and almond butter. The sweetness is provided by our lightly sweetened maple almond butter, a new product that joined our catalog recently to offer you another enjoyable option.

How to make baked goods with beans:

If you have not baked with beans yet, do not hesitate giving them a try! It is much simpler and amazingly more foolproof than you may imagine. First, instead of a mixer, you will be using a food processor. The recipe comes together by adding each ingredient to the food processor and pulsing until achieving a uniform thick mixture. It will be similar to a conventional muffin mixture’s texture. You may opt to omit the rolled oats; however, the added fiber benefit is surely worth the extra ingredient.

We hope you enjoy this version of a muffin made with beans and almond butter showcasing higher protein, healthier fat, and a complex carbohydrate make up that makes conventional muffins pale in comparison. If you are looking for other high protein desserts, try our High Protein Chocolate Mousse.


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