Fair Trade

"Fair Trade" represents organized social movements in which companies help farmers, manufacturers, producers, supply chains, etc. create better trading practices.  Fair Trade is not simply a logo on a product; it is a commitment by a company to engage in ethical business practices and be part of a movement that aims to address and diminish poverty.  Products that have a Fair Trade Certification have met standards that are set by the certifying agent, ensuring that workers are receiving fair prices for crops and commodities.  Fair Trade is the implementation of a social justice infrastructure that aims to create economic development projects, employment opportunities, and better living conditions that raise the standard and quality of living conditions among those who, in the past, have been marginalized.  Fair Trade companies advocate higher payment to exporters, as well as engagement in higher social and environmental standards. 

Fair Trade and Sustainability:   We ensure that our domestic and international farmer-partners receive a living wage. We purchase from certified Fair Labor and Fair Trade suppliers in Latin America and the United States, and our international organic honeys recently achieved Fair-Trade certification by Fair-Trade Labeling Organizations International. Our proactive fair price policy provides reasonable prices and healthy choices for the consumer. Our projects include local Fair-Trade activities and cooperative development for sesame seed, peanut, and honey farming. Once Again has a long-standing relationship with Jubilee House, a non-profit agency empowering Nicaraguans through sewing and agricultural cooperatives, while providing the community with medical care.

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