White Hazelnut Cookies

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Only a short while ago, we introduced our Once Again Amoré Organic Spread Hazelnut with White Chocolate into our gourmet line. It is a unique hazelnut butter made with roasted hazelnuts, all organic and fair-trade ingredients. It is so complete by itself enjoyed as a spread or topping, and additionally, for this same reason, it is a fantastic ingredient for baking. The spread contains many of the ingredients needed to make this White Hazelnut cookies: We just combine an egg and flour for the complete recipe. Three ingredients make it a fool-proof, no-experience-needed -type of baking!

These White Hazelnut Cookies are light and fluffy, offering plenty of hazelnut flavor— and not an overly sweet profile. When combining the ingredients, start beating the egg first, and then add the hazelnut butter. This is more easily accomplished with a hand mixer. When it’s time to add the flour, do not use the mixer, however. Instead use a spoon or spatula to incorporate it into a homogeneous dough. Letting the dough rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes helps to facilitate rolling it into balls. Lightly press them onto the cookie sheet making a crisscross pattern atop each one with a fork. Keep a good watch on the oven, they are easy to over bake. As soon as the edges start to turn golden brown, they’re ready! They’re delightful in their simplicity; however, you can dress them up with sprinkles, cropped hazelnuts, or white chocolate drizzles. We would love to hear your review in the comments below.

After you make our White Hazelnut Cookies, try this recipe for the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies version. Buy our chocolate butters at our shop online shop with discounts!


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  • Reets

    Tried this recipe but it was bland and taste like nothing . Maybe because I used a different brand of spread.. ended up spreading the white spread on top with icing sugar and coconut flakes.

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