Sweet Almond Cookie Bars

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Today’s recipe is for Sweet Almond Cookie Bar, and it does contain the word bar. Does adding the word “bar” to your favorite recipe qualify it as a healthy snack? Short answer, sure, but who are we to judge? Technically though, the real answer is no. The most straightforward example we can point out that remains are candy bars. It was a clever move by the food industry to add the word “bar” to “granola” to elicit the consumers’ habitual feeling of satisfactory indulgence, offsetting the lackluster nutritional profile associated with commercial granola.

The distinction between a healthy bar and a candy bar has become quite blurry. Far too many granola bars have added an abundant number of sweeteners while decreasing nutrient-rich ingredients such as oats and nuts to service their profit margins. This has left the consumer confused and misguided; sometimes eating well above the recommended amount of sugar in one serving for what they perceived as a convenient offering of a healthy snack.

Here is an uncomplicated solution to this problem: make your own bars! We have a few recipes that highlight nutrient abundance versus sugar. Today, we share a sweet Almond cookie bar. We have no desire to hide ingredients or fool you— this is a sweet treat. Conversely though, it is one that will not compromise your health goals. There are no artificial additives, and the well-selected ingredients add a nutrient content unlike the traditional goodies. Our Almond Sweet Bars are crunchy, sweet, and nutty, and covered with a rich dark chocolate layer. We recommend cutting them into small squares to enjoy a piece each day during your afternoon snack! An indulgence that will not leaving you feeling guilty.

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