Sunflower Hemp Quick Sweet Bread

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

What’s the difference between cake and sweet bread?

The difference between cake and sweet bread may seem quizzical. Perhaps the ratio of flour to sugar, or the need for kneading or not kneading the dough make the distinction? Either way, this recipe blends and blurs the lines between the two. Our Sunflower Butter Quick Sweet Bread required more added sugar than our customary quick bread recipes, but not as much as a traditional cake loaf requires. This ambiguity earned this recipe the title of a sweet bread.

We do not compromise when it comes to our goals to provide nutrient-rich recipes that feature our products in ways that will fit your individualized health journeys. This recipe, although it calls for sugar, balances with the addition of our sunflower butter displacing the need for oil and decreasing the amount of flour needed. It does all of that while delivering a lightly sweet, fluffy, and earthy sweetbread.

Take note of an interesting observation I made when preparing this recipe. Often, when working with sunflower butter for baking, it may result in a green cake or muffin. A chemical reaction between the sunflower butter and oxygen accelerated by baking can turn your baked goods green; read more about this phenomenon in our recipe for Sunflower Muffins here. However, this greening did not occur when preparing our recipe using our Sunflower Hemp Butter. It could have been a coincidence, but during all four of our attempts as we perfected this recipe, the green color was not an issue. Please comment below, if your results are any different. It would be neat to track if there is an effect of the hemp oil addition to our sunflower seed butter that we can track and verify, preventing the finished baked product from turning green.

This Sunflower Butter Quick Sweet Bread could be made using a muffin pan. Dress up this recipe by adding chocolate chips as a topping or prepare a lemon glaze to add a sweet and sour twist to the bread. Enjoy!

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