Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD,LD  •  Jump to Recipe

This time of year it can be challenging to live by the saying “stop and smell the roses”. Between the parties, end of year work assignments, children’s performances and holiday shopping there is little time left to really stop for anything. But we should always have time to stop and smell the Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate!

Funny thing is that it is also the best time to appreciate all that is around you. Here is an idea, take a look at your schedule and pencil in times to just sit by the fire, gaze at all the lights, play board games in the early evening, and keep it simple.

Keeping it simple can be the solution to having all that you want without all the stress. What do I mean by that? Well, a nice family night listening to music by the fireplace can bring you the joy of family fun without the stress that preparations for a big family party brings. As your days fill up with commitments, do one thing at a time. Even though you are a pro at multitasking, allow yourself to focus on one task at a time and recharge your mind. Make lists but don’t worry if you don’t check each item off, be nice to yourself and allow for the less important tasks to go undone. If time doesn’t allow for all your holiday traditions this year, no worries! Make some new ones, adapt and renew. Instead of planning a fancy party, try a holiday pajama gathering and invite your guest to bring a dish; there is no need for one person to do all the cooking. It will be the most comfortable party and the main idea is to spend time together!

Dust off one your family’s favorite movie, get the fire going and gather your snacks! Or how about playing cards while sipping on some Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate? Keeping it simple means you don’t have to prepare your hot chocolate from scratch!

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