Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

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Let’s eat some Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake! The expression: “Time flies” is one we are all very familiar with, but it rings so very true when we look at sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and all the children in our lives. When you are a part of their lives from r birth or at very young age, it becomes painfully obvious how time goes by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, they go from playing with blocks to riding a bike! Blink again, and they are asking your opinions about colleges to which they should they should apply. The optimist in me looks at those moments of “awakening” as opportunities to remind myself to cherish every single moment in life!

My son recently turned five, which is why all these emotions are fresh in my mind. For his birthday, he asked me to combine two of his favorite ingredients to make him a birthday cake: Once Again Peanut Butter and chocolate! First I smiled and took pride in the fact that his taste buds are exactly like mine, and then I started to think about how to make a cake worthy of my son’s approval for his big day.

Birthday cakes are usually an indulgence, so this will not be one of my healthier recipes on the blog, but everything in moderation is key, and no worries, I still found room to add some nutrient- rich ingredients and extra fiber to the recipe. Most cakes call for all- purpose flour, but by substituting half the amount of whole wheat flour for regular flour, you can increase the fiber without altering the final taste of the recipe. This birthday cake also uses Greek yogurt for moisture and Once Again Creamy Peanut Butter! There are no oils or butter added. Also, cocoa powder is very rich, and when mixed with boiling water, it makes a very thick chocolate pudding- like ingredient, adding flavor and texture. Beyond this, a cake needs filling and topping to make it “Birthday Party” ready! The filling and topping are basically made with the same ingredients; the topping is made thinner so you can pour it on the cake, and the filling is thicker to hold the layers together. You may have to vary the proportions of the ingredients to achieve the right consistency for your own homemade taste. Start with the Once Again Peanut butter and add the other ingredients, a little at a time, until you achieve the perfect textures for your cake.

Although this cake recipe was created especially for my five-year- old’s birthday, it is perfect for a holiday party or celebration for any peanut butter lover out there!


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  • Lorraine

    Where is the measurements for the Baking Powder and sugar? Is there supposed to be B. Soda? Is the amount correct or is this for B.Powder? This is so badly written and certainly not proofed.

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