Oats and Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Every family has a baker—the person everyone else goes to for recipes, advice and tips on how to bake the perfect cake, cookie or bread. A skilled baker can glance at a recipe and tell if the results will be chewy, crunchy, flaky or soft. The way the ingredients combine to form a dough, the temperature the recipe is baked at and the choice of baking agents used are the clues bakers look for. Even though baking can be an inborn talent, it is not so incredibly hard. The beauty of this Oats and Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares recipe we are sharing below is that it is practically fool-proof. There is little chance you can make a mistake that would render inedible results. I say this with full confidence since recently while making this recipe, I forgot to add the butter! The cookie squares were still delicious, however a bit dry. Although I don’t recommend leaving out an ingredient altogether, this is just an example of how forgiving this recipe can be. It is also practical since you don’t have to take the time to shape cookies. The dough is poured in a cake pan simply and goes into the oven. After fully baked, wait a few minutes for cooling before cutting the result into squares.

Often our recipes can easily be made with whichever Once Again Nut Butter you have on hand. This Oats and Chocolate Chip Cookie Squares recipe is no different! If you prefer to use peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter or even tahini, all of them will work well for this recipe. If you desire to keep this recipe gluten- free, assure that the oats you are using have the gluten-free label, which certifies they have avoided cross contamination. This recipe is not so easily adapted for vegan consumption, but it can be done! Swap the eggs for flax eggs, and the butter for coconut oil. When using the coconut oil, make sure it is at its room temperature soft solid state —do not heat it to melt. Purchase vegan chocolate chips, or alternatively, you may use dried cranberries. Consider using a hand mixer to facilitate the mixing of the nut butter with butter, sugar and eggs.

Have kids in your house? This recipe could spark their interest in baking too. After all, every family needs more bakers!

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