Lemon Tahini Cookies

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

There are a couple of ways to make these cookies. You can start with plain tahini and add lemon, or you can skip that step and try our Once Again Nut Butter Lemon Tahini. It certainly does make this recipe a quick one to make and enjoy. We chose to use honey not only because it goes so well with tahini, highlighting its natural qualities and adding a caramel like flavor to recipes, but also because it sweetening power allows us to use much less than compared to regular sugar. We also used almond milk here to keep this recipe vegetarian friendly, but feel free to use your preferred milk. The result is a flaky, sweet with a hint of sour shortbread like cookie.

We hope you'll enjoy it with a cup of lemon ginger tea! Let us know if you make this recipe and or any modifications you try in the comments below. We love to see your twists to our recipes when you share it on social media too.

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