Hemp Energy Bites

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Today’s recipe is for Hemp Energy Bites! Is it a dessert? Wait, it looks a bit too healthy with all the oats and hemp seeds to be a dessert, or is it? The fine balance between indulgence and nutritious-delicious options is just what these strive to create. Our Once Again Chocolate Nut Spread line is filed under our gourmet section due to added sugar. They are all your hearts’ desires, brimming with the nutty, chocolaty flavor, while keeping to standards such as being organic, fair trade sourced and having no added preservatives. This recipe almost created itself. There isn’t anything you can mix with our Once Again Chocolate Nut Spreads and not end up with results short of genius. The nutritionist in me couldn’t escape— it sounded like an opportunity to add some fiber and nutrients to a dessert.

The choice of quick oats makes it possible for this Hemp Energy Bites recipe to be prepared with just one medium bowl, and no food processor requirement. However, when one is available, we recommend using whole oats and just pulsing them a few times with the other dried ingredients on the list; this will maximize the fiber content. Another tip to make it a bit easier to roll them up— place the Once Again Chocolate Spread Almond and White Chocolate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before starting the recipe. Then lightly wet your hands so that the spreads don’t stick to them . Just in case it isn’t obvious, you can make these with any of our four flavors of Once Again Chocolate Nut Spreads. Feel free to take creative liberties and substitute any other dried fruits for the cranberries, or chocolate chips. We’d love to see your creations; when you make them, post with the #onceagainamore so we can drool!

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