Ginger Tahini Cookies

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There are three ingredients that you often find together in an array of recipes: maple syrup, ginger and tahini. Perhaps their ability to blend and enhance each other’s flavors is why they often appear in the same recipes. Once Again Tahini has the perfect creamy texture with a subtle flavor that works wonderfully in muffins, cakes, and cookie recipes. This recipe is no exception; these Ginger Tahini Cookies will remind you of a gingerbread soft cookie. They are naturally gluten-free and vegan! Also, there is no refined sugar added, so they are not overly sweet. However, their complex flavor profile comes from the combination of different spices. They are soft on the inside with a delicate crunchiness on the outside.

This recipe is a one bowl wonder . Start by mixing the wet ingredients; then add the spices, and lastly the whole wheat flour. The dough comes together wonderfully to form a smooth, easy- to- work-with dough. The consistency will closely resemble gingerbread cookie and sugar cookie dough, which makes it possible to roll it out and use cookie cutters, if desired.

Now, with the fragrance of ginger wafting through the air, this seems like an opportunity to quickly review proper storage of your baking spices since this cookie relies heavily on them for successful flavor. Spices should be kept in cool and dark places, in sealed containers. To test for freshness, look at the color. Spices tend to lose their color over time, so, if it looks faded, it probably is old. Take a small pinch as a sample and rub or crush it between your fingers. There should be a strong smell. If it is weak, musty, or lost its strength, the spice is older and will not yield the best results when used for baking. Lastly, if the spice is clumpy or cakey, chances are moisture got into the container, which will reduce the flavor; also, it could potentially contain mold. It is best to avoid using it; replace with fresh spice.

These tips will help you ensure your baked goods taste their very best! Do you have your own trick or tips about spices? Share them with us in the comments below. Looking for more cookie recipes? Check out our Almond Butter Shortbread Cookie!


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  • jess

    my partner and i loved these! we didn’t use any candied ginger and coated them in sesame seeds instead (like red bean paste sesame balls). i think we are going to play with some more mods in the future like chocolate coating/pistachios/rose water, etc. highly recommend!

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