Donut with White Chocolate Hazelnut Glaze

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

It can be tricky to think of our Once Chocolate Nut Spreads as ingredient in recipes. However, they make phenomenal spreads, toppings, and glazes. And remember to enjoy them just out of the jar with a spoon. To use it as an ingredient in a recipe may seem counter intuitive. However, this Donut with white chocolate hazelnut glaze recipe below will prove our nut butters’ versatility. For our healthier version of this donut recipe below, we added two tablespoons of our Once Again White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. The richness of the white chocolate and hazelnut shines through, as these little donuts bake, and you really can smell the luscious hazelnut in the air.

As we develop these recipes for you, our goal is to keep them simple with a minimum amount of ingredients, while avoiding the addition of refined sugar when possible. Here, as long as you use very ripe bananas, you will not miss sugar at all. The Once Again Chocolate Spread already has its own added sugar, and it is just enough when added to the banana in the mix. You will also notice there are no eggs in this baked recipe. An unusual approach to baked goods is to skip the eggs and use flax meal and water instead. It works as an egg substitute while adding fiber and omega fatty acids to the nutrient value of these donuts. This swap makes it easy to convert this recipe for those following a vegan diet. Additionally, instead of our Once Again Chocolate Spread, you may choose to use one of our other nut or seed butters.

When a recipe is this effortless and delectable, there is no excuse to keep you from making it as often as you would like!

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