Dark Cherry Avocado Shake

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Today we’ll introduce you to our Dark Cherry Avocado Shake and why you should be trying this recipe too!

The toll of working in front of a screen for hours upon hours has been something scientists have been eager to gather data about over these past few years. As technology advances, tasks prior done in person are now advanced via e-mails, document sharing, video chats, and other screen-linked features. This phenomenal leap in professional efficiency could have dire consequences to one’s health.

Yes, there exist gadgets and apps that work to motivate people to stand up every few hours and stretch. Perhaps something that only a mere ten years ago would have been completely pointless, now becomes a part of our health-oriented routine.

Reminders to take a breath and look away from your screen could be the best way to prevent such problems as screen fatigue, eyesight strain, headaches, dizziness, and possibly dehydration. These momentous breaks in routines represent the perfect time to fuel yourself with nutrients and much needed energy to stay on task.

We suggest something easy to prepare that will take only a few minutes and not disturb your workflow. This recipe for our Dark Cherry Avocado Shake fits the bill when it comes to a snack that nourishes and is prepared quickly with simple ingredients.

Simplicity is key, but taste is far more important in this case. To enjoy your snack upgrades your work break making it a favorite time of day, motivating you to go back to work re-energized and ready to conquer all that comes your way!

Stock up your freezer with plenty of frozen fruits and your pantry with Once Again nut and seed butters, so that you will always be ready to prepare a smoothie that works for you. Let us know your favorite pairings in the comments’ section below. Our Once Again Blanched Almond butter paired beautifully with dark cherries and avocados, for a stellar .

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