Corn Muffins with a Peanut Butter Twist

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There are some traditional recipes that are perfect for taking up a notch! I believe corn bread is one of them. But how can you make this Southern classic any better than it already is? After all, it’s sweet and savory, and when sliced and served warm with a little butter, it is pretty much perfect. But just when you think there is no way to improve that perfection, we throw in some peanut butter! Ready for our Corn Muffins with Peanut Butter recipe?

This experiment started off when a batch of warm corn muffins came out of the oven. After impatiently waiting 10 minutes to cool off a bit, slicing one up and going for the butter, I realized we were out of butter! No need to panic, Once Again Peanut Butter came to the rescue. The peanut butter melted a little when it touched the warm corn muffin, and just like that, the new and improved corn muffin recipe with a twist was ready!

So, if peanut butter tasted so amazing on top of the corn muffin, why not try it in the recipe too? I have a couple of corn bread and muffin recipes, so I chose the one that I can make more often. It is delicious, simple, and it doesn’t overdo on sugar and fat, allowing you to have two to three little muffins at a time. And yes, of course, you can use any muffin or cake pan you would like, but as usual, the mini-muffin makes a great portion size. They are also adequate for freezing. If you use the smaller size pan, the yield can be up to 30 mini-muffins, and if you are not planning on consuming them all in the next 48 hours, freeze some. You can later pop them in the microwave or oven for a few minutes before eating them. .

Since this simplified and leaner version of the classic corn muffin usually comes out a little dry in the added peanut butter really helps hold in the moisture . Also, the addition of apple sauce instead of vegetable oil helps keep the recipe lean. But you may also try using coconut oil instead of the apple sauce. Both swaps have worked in this recipe.

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  • Joel

    I like the lower calorie but still tasty ingredient peanut powder
    Could you provide a recipe using that and cornbread mix with maybe a little creamed corn?

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