Chocolate Oat Tahini Bars

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

How many unique ways can we eat tahini in just one day? Try this: start your day with a multi-grain toast topped with avocado and tahini, for lunch a veggie wrap with some lime juice and tahini, and for snack enjoy these deliciously healthy Chocolate Oat Tahini Bars!

Does eating snacks fit into your healthy diet? It absolutely does. A healthy diet pattern can have any number of meals and snacks that are appropriate to fit your schedule and hunger cues. It is when junk foods are a source for snacks that it becomes counterproductive to your health goals. For healthy snacking follow these simple guidelines: keep added sugar low, and they must contain fiber, some protein, and overall be nutrient-rich. These bars qualify as a snack, but also pass as dessert easily. They are exquisite tasting by combining a crunchy exterior with a creamy chocolaty interior. All ingredients were chosen carefully to deliver maximum nutrient content while perfectly blending flavors and textures.

It is critical to use rolled oats and not quick oats for this recipe. The rolled oats are larger grains with thicker consistency and contain a higher amount of fiber when compared to quick oats. To bind the oats and oat flour into the base for this bar, we chose maple syrup and coconut oil. The filling is made up of a combination of chocolate and Once Again Tahini. The simplicity of this recipe is partly what makes this bar a perfect snack food. The list of ingredients is short, uses only two bowls, and no oven is required. The layers are set in the refrigerator, and you can choose to melt the chocolate using a microwave or stove top. Feel free to add some chopped nuts, seeds, or dried fruits to personalize this bar to your taste. Then share your personalized version in the comments below!


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