Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Try this: take Medjool dates, rolled oats, and Once Again Almond Butter, and mix them together. And then experience the best way we know to enjoy this combination with a dollop of our Chocolate Nut Butter Spread with almond, cocoa and milk on top. The temptation to eat Chocolate Nut Butter right out of the jar with a spoon is colossal. However, we’ve come to your rescue with these cups that allow you to indulge. Perhaps we are enabling your chocolate obsession, but why not when this stuff is that scrumptious? Have we mentioned before what sets it apart from the competition? It’s not so much what’s in it, but what it is not. Our gourmet line is gluten-free, organic, and certified fair trade. It is free from hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, and colors, and made with real nut butters. You can choose between our Amoré Almond or Hazelnut options, in milk chocolate or white chocolate.

Whichever flavor you pick, these cups can be filled with them. After you prepare them, we recommend placing them in the freezer for 30 minutes to set. They can then be stored in the refrigerator and enjoyed over the next three to four days, if they last that long! Dress them up with some chopped almonds, shaved dark chocolate or coconut flakes, and decorate a plate for a dinner party. Show off your party plates on Instagram with the #OnceAgain for a chance of being featured in our Instagram story. Also, try one of our other recipes with almond butter like our Strawberry Almond Bars.


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