Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Bars

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

What’s your cooking skills level? There is no question that an expert level cook is required to achieve certain masterpieces in the kitchen. The crème bruleé and soufflés immediately come to mind. Nevertheless, our Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Bars are designed to accommodate the minimally experienced cook. In fact, this recipe was developed by an aspiring 10-year-old baker. This precocious little girl started baking at the age of five with her registered dietitian mom (That’s me!) And this accomplishment has made her so very proud. She picks her ingredients based on nutrient contributions and flavor. After years of salivating at the varieties of hazelnut and cocoa spreads on the market that are unfortunately not a part of her diet due to their high levels of artificial ingredients and hydrogenated fats; she is now in food heaven experiencing all that Chocolate Nut Butter Line from Once Again Nut Butter has to offer. As she eloquently stated: “Finally, an indulgence we can enjoy without hurting our health!” She’s a smart one!

Another staple in most kids’ lunch boxes remains the chocolaty granola bars. Again, due to poor choice of ingredients used and over processing; these bars often contain two to three times the recommended amount of sugar and empty in nutrients. Designing your own granola bar is the easiest solution to your chocolate yearnings. And you’re about to become a fan. A lack of time and knowledge has led many families to rely on store-bought snacks. All the more reason why the solution to that obstacle is hopefully right here. This is an easy-to-make and lusciously enjoyable granola bar.

There are only four ingredients in this Chocolate Hazelnut Granola Bars recipe. Then again, your creativity is the limit. You may want to add chopped nuts, cacao nibs, and/ or drizzle it with peanut butter or another nutritionally yummy add-on to complement this already perfect treat. Just mix, spread, and bake. We are eager to hear what you think about this powerhouse recipe in the comments section below. Do you have a young chef at home, too? Share this recipe and allow the chef to give this recipe five stars, we hope, on the recipe card below!

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