Chocolate Almond Toaster Strudel

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Pastry on the outside, filled with jelly on the inside, drizzled with sugar, pops out of a toaster— and it’s one of America’s signature breakfast foods for kids and some adults too! I’m sure you know what we are talking about. These breakfast treats have been a staple in many households as an easy grab-and-go type of food —but not without generating much controversy. They have been rightfully challenged by health professionals as unfit for a child’s nutritional needs due to their high sugar and lack of any “real” food-like ingredients. Some brands heard the criticism and changed their recipes to deliver higher fiber, lower sugar, and even include some genuinely fruit-sourced ingredients. However, the consensus is still that there are much better choices for breakfast for our youngsters and the nutritional needs of their growing minds. Unless you can make your own Chocolate Almond Toaster Strudel!

With all that said, there is something magical about these toaster strudels that makes us keep coming back for another. We took them and re-invented them to serve a better purpose: dessert, mid-afternoon treat, or a healthy snack! Breakfast foods are better served with hefty portions of nutrients to kick off your day, but snacks and treats have a bit of leeway when it comes to their nutritional goals.

However, here there is no need to compromise health for the sake of a sweet tooth! Instead, let’s use clean wholesome ingredients to create these mouth-watering, luxurious, and tempting Chocolate Almond Toaster Strudel. They are filled with our gourmet product Once Again Almond & Cacao Spread. The pastry is flaky and , and the extra drizzle on top finishes this easily to make toaster strudel extraordinaire. Here are a few tips for making these. The pastry dough is made with pancake mix, but it must be a mix labeled “add water” only. Also, if you use a higher protein-type of mix, you may need to lower the amount water you use. The dough is very delicate and a bit tricky to open, so using parchment paper is highly suggested. The recipe below only makes about four small strudels, but you can double it to make eight. And what if you don’t have any Once Again Chocolate Nut Butter on hand, you can fill them with any other Once Again Nut Butter product. Enjoy and share them!


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