Chocolate Almond Cup

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Many of my friends say my children are deprived and live a sad life because I removed food dyes and most artificial preservatives from their diet, which in turn means that they have pretty much no candy! Well, little do they know that some of the best candies are made at home without any artificial ingredients. This Chocolate Almond butter Cups recipe is one of my favorites to make on a Friday afternoon as a treat for my kids after a long and hard week at school. I don’t know what is more dangerous, the fact that you can eat 3 of them in 10 seconds because they are so good (a bit addictive too!) or that you can make them in under 5 minutes (takes another 20 in the freezer to set).

There are many variations of this recipe, taking into account all the toppings you can add and which Once Again nut butter you pick to mix in. This is the basic recipe that I’ll share with you below. Also, since it is a treat, I like to include the nutrient facts, so you know that even though it is in the candy category for me, it is still much healthier than other similar candies. Each serving (1 cup, recipe below makes 8) has about 112 calories and 9 grams of sugar. The sugar comes from honey which is a much better source than refined white sugar! There are about 8 grams of fat from the coconut oil and almond butter. Research has shown that coconut oil has a positive effect on our hormone for thyroid by helping increase metabolism and endurance, also improves insulin use within the body. Coconut oil has anti-viral properties which boost our immune system — not all fat is the same, and within recent years, nutritional research has lifted previous warnings against consuming coconut oils due to its high saturated fat content. This is a powerful little cup, filled with nutrients and it tastes just like candy, so indulge a little without guilt!

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