Chocolate Almond Butter Marble Cake

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

What’s better than one cake? Two cakes, of course! Marble cakes are the answer to your delectable food dilemma. If you’ve found yourself undecided between chocolate or vanilla before, then marble cake is perfect for you. No need to make a choice—just have both! Chocolate Almond Butter Marble Cake.

Speaking of making choices, we are thrilled that you have chosen our products! If you are a long-time fan, or have just recently tried your first jar of Once Again Nut Butter, either way, we are delighted that you have brought us into your home. In recent years, social media has made it possible for us to connect with you directly. It has given us the opportunity to answer some of your questions and hear your comments and suggestions. Perhaps our favorite part of social media is reading how you are using our products in your everyday life. We hear from athletes about how they use our packets on the go for fueling after workouts. We see pictures of our jars next to backpacks accompanying hikers. We drool over pictures of extraordinary recipes made by creative chefs and cooks who are using our nut and seed butters —not to mention the adorable kids and pet photos we archive and treasure! So please, keep them coming!

But let’s get back to the marble cake we began talking about. We chose to make this cake with 100% whole wheat flour to increase the fiber content in the final product. However, if you are gluten sensitive, feel free to substitute it for a gluten-free flour blend of your choice. Also, you may notice that it calls for 2/3 cups of sugar. We strive to keep refined sugar at a minimum in most of our recipes. However, for this recipe to stand out as a true cake (versus a bread) the sugar was necessary. A good substitution for the sugar would be using a baking sweetener product instead. There are some on the market now made with stevia that work very well for baking. Since this recipe does not require eggs, and you can use whatever milk substitute you prefer: It can be naturally vegan.

We make choices each day when it comes to the food we eat. For our health, picking foods that will meet our needs while satiating our hunger is the main goal. Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn’t mean eliminating all cakes and cookies from your diet. It simply means, choosing the right cake and cookies, when to eat them and controlling portions. Baking at home allows the control of ingredients, empowering you to add, remove and substitute things to fit your personal needs. We strive to give you the confidence and comfort level to create your own recipes using our Once Again nut and seed butters. We hope you choose to make this one, and if you do, please share a picture of it on social media and tag us by using the #onceagainnutbutter or @onceagainnutbutter. And as always, thank you!

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