Caramel Tahini Popsicle

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Tahini is a star ingredient for so much more than making hummus, but you probably already knew that. However, making popsicles may not be the first thing you thought about. But we have a Caramel Tahini Popsicles recipe for you today! Our Once Again Unsweetened and Salt-Free Tahini has only one simple ingredient: sesame seeds. They are lightly roasted and milled to perfection to make our luxuriantly smooth tahini paste. When you open a new jar, you will notice some natural oil separation; just stir it thoroughly, and to prevent it from separating again, refrigerate the sesame seed butter. If a jar is a bit more than you would like to consume in fewer than 30 days, a great tip is to portion it out in 3 oz. containers and freeze. When you’re ready to dig into the conserved treasure, just remove portions from the freezer for about 30 minutes before use.

However, when you try these deliciously simple- to -make tahini popsicles, you may not have any left-over Once Again Tahini to store in the freezer! These tempting popsicles have a fudge-like consistency. That’s why the tahini works so perfectly here as an ingredient. Tahini has naturally occurring healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that result in the creamy texture of the popsicles. Once Again Tahini also has a very low carbohydrate content, with only 4 grams of naturally occurring sugar per 30 grams serving. In those 30 grams, you’ll also find six grams of protein and four grams of dietary fiber. The tahini alone delivers all the emulsifying power needed in these popsicles; the other ingredients provide sweetness and texture. Bananas and dates provide natural sugar, while the milk brings all ingredients together into a smoothie-like consistency. The final wonderful touch in these treats is a pinch of cardamom!

These are truly gourmet-style popsicles, perfect to close a dinner party or to serve at a midday event. For some interesting texture, try adding chopped nuts or raisins to the mixture before pouring the slurry into molds. Of course, chocolate is never wrong thing either in the popsicle world, so try a mix-in of dark chocolate chips, or perhaps melt some dark chocolate and dip the popsicles to create a thick dark chocolate shell that will surely impress all your guests! Not sure you can make these on your own? Watch the video below and see just how easy it is.


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