Almond Shortbread Cookies

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Shortbread cookies have a distinctive melt in your mouth buttery taste that no other cookie does! When creating an almond butter version of the shortbread, those same qualities were the most important things we tested for. Testing and tasting were jobs we had plenty of applicants for. A few batches of these Almond Butter Shortbread Cookies were made before the perfect pairing delivered the results we were looking for. The improvement of nutrient value is priority since our recipes aim to satisfy your cravings while allowing you to stay on track with your health goals and meeting your nutrient needs.

Our first challenge was to decrease the butter usually present in shortbread cookies. There was no compromise in texture when we substituted one hundred percent of the butter with our Once again Creamy Almond Butter. This was exactly what we intended with the goal of creating a higher nutrient value cookie. Instead of plain refined white flour, we used whole wheat flour, then we added just one egg. For a vegan alternative, use an egg replacement or a flax egg also works well for this recipe.

Could it be this simple? Indeed, the new better for you Almond Shortbread Cookies come together with just four ingredients. The dough is fragile, so we recommend rolling it into small balls, then flattening with a fork on the baking sheet to ensure even baking. Each oven varies slightly, so watch them closely, keeping them in a low temperature oven until the edges start to brown. Allow them to cool completely before removing from baking sheet. They are crumbly, fragrant, and melt in your mouth! Who’s ready to try this Almond Butter Shortbread Cookies recipe or another one of our almond butter recipes with one of our other nut or seed butters?


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  • Charlene

    Which is the correct flour to use? The recipe list says “¾ cup of oat flour” & the information above says “we used whole wheat flour.” I’m really looking forward to trying these!

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