Almond Candy

by Carolina Jantac, MS, RD, LD  •  Jump to Recipe

Can you call something a candy if it doesn’t contain sugar? At Once Again we believe you can. Of course, traditionally, candy is synonymous with sugary treats. However, candy is also associated with forbidden foods, cavities, unhealthy fare, junk food and often artificial cuisine. Hopefully, we can change the connotation of the word “candy” after you try this Almond Candy recipe today.

Perhaps though, it is not about absolving sugar itself from all its negative side effects. Those are unfortunately true. It is more about changing the way we think of treats, and in this case, what we call candy. If the food elicits happiness, satisfaction, and delight, it should fall under the category of candy regardless of its contents, even when the ingredients are healthy and void of most side effects common to white refined sugar.

The ability to create this recipe comes from our new product line of Once Again Blanched Almond Butter. The blanching process removes the skin of the almonds before they enter the grinder to turn it into creamy butter. This allows the natural sweetness of the “meat” of the almond to dominate the flavor profile without the slight bitterness associated with the skin. Therefore, the candy concept without any added sugar works with the blanched almond butters.

These are naturally sweet, but their extremely satisfying experience has to do with how they melt in your mouth! The fact that there are only 3 ingredients to this Almond Candy recipe, and all you need is a freezer mold makes it impossible to resist making them right away and often!

Check out our store to purchase our new blanched almond butters! And if you are looking for another recipe with this product, check here.


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