Almond Butter Brownies

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Today is all about Almond Butter Brownie, but first let’s look at a new trend in nutrition.

There is a significant plurality among health professionals, including myself a registered dietitian, working to persuade us to focus our nutritional efforts towards a more plant-based, whole food way of eating. This is a lifestyle that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables while minimizing animal-sourced foods such as dairy, meats, and eggs. The evidence is mounting to show protection against chronic conditions including Type Two Diabetes and heart disease when consuming more plants and less animal-based foods.

If you have been hesitant to commit to a plant-based whole food lifestyle, afraid of what you may have to give up, this recipe hopefully will convince you that you will not be missing anything. The goal of plant-based recipes is not to mimic traditional recipes in taste and texture— on the contrary, these recipes will expose you to new flavors. Feasibly the top reason to give up on moving to a healthier diet is to pretend you can continue to eat as you did before by only swapping a few ingredients. The potential frustration involved in eating a plant based, no refined sugar brownie is only for those who take a bite hoping to taste the “pre-packaged over processed sweetness in high- sugar brownies. Instead the invitation is to open your palate to new tastes. For example, we prefer textures that emphasize high fiber and flavors that highlight natural sugars. The ingredients on a plant- based, whole food diet are reliant on nuts, fruit pastes, seeds, and fruit oils. These add a deeper profile in taste and consistency that will change the way you look at food.

Brownies can be an indulgent treat that don’t compromise your health goals. This Almond Butter Brownie is still a higher energy desserts, that enjoyed in moderation, fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Please let us know about your results when you try out this recipe and leave a review below.


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