Bee Farm Sustainability

Supporting small and family-operated bee farms throughout the Americas!

Supporting Sustainability through Memberships:

North America Sustainability Project

We partner with rural beekeepers in Western New York who produce our clover and wildflower honeys.  Located within a 60-mile radius of our facilities in Nunda, New York, these family-run farms operate in some of the poorest counties in New York State. Our working relationship with them has spanned more than 2 decades. 

Colony Collapse Disorder

Scientists estimate that between 20-40% of honey bee colonies have died in the last 6 years, a condition known as "CCD", Colony Collapse Disorder. The suspected causes include genetically modified organisms, pesticides, viruses, and fungi. With an estimated 70% of the world's crops dependent on honey bees for pollination, this is an under-reported food crisis, with worldwide implications. What was initially detected in the US and Great Britain has now spread to China and Southeast Asia. Once Again always supports sustainable bee farming and organic practices. The United States is no longer able to manufacture organic honeys, since a hive requires a 5-mile pesticide-free radius for pollinating. Each pound of honey represents approximately 50,000 miles of bee flight. 

Once Again Nut Butter is a proud sponsor of National Honey Bee Day.   Click here to learn more:

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